Work info:

Client: Telenor Serbia
Territory: Serbia
Services engaged: Concept, production, installation
Materials used: Corian, wood veneer, chipboard, MDF, metal, plexiglass, LED


From basic 3D look in 3 weeks time we managed to completely develop all the elements in this modular system design concept. There was 13 different elements to resolve with not only details of how to put it together, but with solutions how will all imagined systems work at all and be fitted in the design. Nothing was changed from the original idea and we managed to install all the systems in simple yet ingenious way. At the end one of the clients overseeing the whole process just said: “This is better than in 3D, it came to life”. After that we installed 17 more shops in 60 days time including ordering of the materials and preparing production for series of elements.