Concept development & scoping

Our extensive experience in Trade marketing and overall marketing – brand communication gave us opportunity to create powerful concepts from simple ones like on the shelf positioning for Bayer, to complete Telenor Serbia point of sales concept of bringing Telenor products and services closer to the consumers through new sales structure and shop design.

Design & prototyping

Either following the already adopted concept or doing projects on their own we always design looking at the bigger picture as well, trying to create optimal solution which will inspire consumers to try and buy our clients products. We like simple solutions that bring extra value to the product we display, creating first class consumer experience and emotional bond.

Production & quality control

Since we are giving our clients all in one service (turn key solution), we have open structure production relaying on subcontractors for different materials and technologies, while our production deals with assembly, details, quality control and logistics. Only material we do as well is solid surface material, Corian mostly. We are producing both own design and clients’ designs. In final output clients never felt difference between those two. We are paying attention to every detail and always take care about smooth and simple product usage pattern.

Installation & Maintenance

When we go in we go all the way, from first visit till final Installation. In that way we are assuring clients needs and our solutions. We take care that all goes well, that every situation will be resolved on the spot and there will be no hustle for our clients. From the first day on and on and… And the clients are happy to get reports of all that is done, plans for further actions, improvements and maintenance schedules.


Either before, in the process or at the end clients relay on our warehousing capacities in several operating CEE countries. Goods here are taken care of and clients are getting reports about their goods status. Especially when the goods are used and reused on the market clients find important to know the status and availability for the next usage. It is not just stored, with us it is secured.